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Cancer, Fraud and Bad Biotech 2011

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  1. Obama Introductory Cover Letter
  2. Obama General Cover Letter
  3. Obama Main Letter: Corruption Threat to Economic Recovery and Security; includes Climate & Disease Warning
  4. Obama HOA Fees for Planet Earth.

  1. Cover Letter: Is the PMO Complicit in a Criminal Conspiracy?
  2. Introductory Cover Letter to Formal Letter to PM Harper
  3. Body of Formal Letter PM Harper
Copies of Scanned Letters to PM Harper:
  1. University of Toronto President Pritchard
  2. Mulroney is Aware Letter
  3. Justice/Health Minister Alan Rock Letter
  4. Pharmaceutical Does Not Do Research Letters
  1. Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Opposition and Liberal Party
  2. Jack Layton, NDP Leader
  3. Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois Leader
4. Justin Trudeau , Liberal MP and the Son of former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau;
  1. Scanned letter of Pierre Elliot Trudeau Charter of Rights and Freedoms
5. Prof. Vermorken editor of Annals of Oncology
  1. Annals of Oncology Overview
  2. Main Letter Annals of Oncology


The website has been updated with the letters sent to President Barrack Obama of the United States, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada , the leaders of the Opposition Parties of Canada, the son, Justin Trudeau ,of the late former PM Pierre Eliot Trudeau regarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Annals of Oncology .None of this will be of any consequences unless the public realizes that helping is in everyone's best interests. Corruption must be exposed , and only the public can do that. So your help is needed and will make a difference to everyone's lives. To help all you have to do is simply tell someone else about this site and for them to tell someone else.


Who blocks cancer discoveries? Who caused the Wallstreet crash/Great Recession we are experiencing now? Greedy businesspeople/bankers and lazy corrupt politicians. People with names. People who exist in the real world. Do you know who Bernie Madoff was? He was one of the key players, and you can look up Merrill Lynch , AIG etc etc. Bottom line ,real players who were interested in self gain and personal wealth generation caused the recent financial crisis. Some have gone to jail, others received bailouts. Nonetheless , they were real people, not made up creatures lurking in someones imagination. And with the present updates I will name names of people who violated federal regulations and laws so they could experience personal gain and satisfaction and hubris. Real bad people block cancer and scientific discoveries, and they do so for bad reasons, mainly because they believe they are above the law and accountability. Which is why I need your help, the public , to expose them and have criminal fraud charges laid and a Legal Inquiry called. You can do it, and all you have to do is tell a friend who tells another friend : expose corruption simply by telling people about it on the web all over the world.


1. Is research described in official government health documents as so bad it is comparable to FECES , excellent ?

2. Is lying for federal funds fraud?

The administrators of the University of Waterloo are criminals , not all of them , just the ones that went along with the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. And criminals are the people who block cancer and other scientific research. Do you call criminals who block cancer theories,”BABY KILLERS?” You decide.

What is a Criminal Conspiracy?

Legal Definition : from Boots vs Grundy (1900 England), A conspiracy exists when two or more combine to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act by unlawful means . No conspiracy is... known to the law which has not for its object the accomplishment of an unlawful act ( not necessarily a criminal act ) or which does not involve the use of unlawful means.


This is quoted from the website DuHaime.org/Legal Dictionary and cites Canadian law. You are asked to look up further details as you please.

Since President Obama is asked to call for criminal charges against Canadian personnel lying for NIH funding , quotes are made from the Lectric Law Library : lectlaw.com; ...makes it a separate Federal crime.. for anyone to conspire or agree with someone else to do something which , if ...carried out, would amount to another Federal crime ,..., under this law, a CONSPIRACY is an agreement or a kind of partnership in criminal purposes in which each member becomes a partner of every other member.......it is NOT necessary to prove the members entered into any formal type of agreement ;or that the members had planned together all of the details of the scheme, ...What the evidence in the case must show is, that two or more persons, in some way or manner , came to a mutual understanding to try to accomplish a common and unlawful plan,...........A person may become a member of a conspiracy without knowing all of the details of the unlawful scheme , and without knowing who all of the other members are. So if a person has an understanding of the unlawful nature of a plan and knowingly and wilfully joins in that plan on ONE occasion, that is sufficient to convict him for conspiracy , even though he did not participate before , and even though he played only a minor part. and “The crime of conspiracy may be of two kinds ,.... conspiracies against the public , or such as endanger the public health , violate public morals, insult public justice , destroy the public peace or effect public trade or business,"


I must point out while it is fresh in everyone's mind that former President Bill Clinton may be a co-conspirator due to monies he may have received from business people at the University of Waterloo (and his ethics must be questioned as in the case of Rep. Charles Rangel recently) and outlined in my letters to President Obama of the United States ( and listed on this website) and in regards to the above quotes.

I would also like to quote a recent news article that a “Pakistani-born pilot on a U.S. Terror watch list has been awarded $ 319,00.xx damages from the Quebec human right s tribunal. Please review the news article for the 8th of December 2010 regarding this. I raise this issue because the Ontario Human Rights Commission, particularly Commissioner Rosemary Brown and her fellows who received materials from me by courier , MUST be seen as criminals under the legal definition of conspiracy as cited above. And why I have asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada to call a Legal Inquiry into all the wrong doing surrounding this case.

There is just too much detail to put into this opening of the website updates and you must read the evidence in all of the letters sent to the authorities .However, please note in the quotes how it comments that a conspiracy causes harm to the public, endangers the public health and insults public justice , I believe that my case proves that quite well. Yet, I must point out that in the material sent to President Obama I outline the cancer research , its over lap to AIDS, but even more importantly ; how it relates to Global Warming and Climate Change . There has been much controversy about whether or not Global Warming is even real : I explain to President Obama some very serious dangers over looked by many experts. Serious over sights. Let me illustrate the problem, if you see a nuclear scientist come running out of a reactor facility yelling at the top of his voice to run for your lives and he jumps into his car and guns it down the road like hell itself is chasing him, you believe there is a serious problem. In fact, if you have any brains yourself, you will run for your lives too. Unfortunately, the poor excuses for Climate Scientists presenting their data are not so convincing. You do not see them spending their own monies to get government to listen. They do not have their own websites where they beg you for help so to save their children's lives plus their own. No, too often they are seen holding their hands out for government grants , and going on vacations to the tropics and asking for long term mortgages for private homes and their children's schooling. So , the public tends to doubt their credibility. NOT SO WITH MYSELF ! IHAVE SUFFERED BLACK LISTING , POVERTY AND OTHER SUFFERINGS WITH OUT ANY HELP(other from family and a few dear friends). So, people I ask you to read all the following material sent to the authorities listed with this in mind. Your help is needed. Please tell a friend to tell a friend. I would appreciate this greatly.

NOTE THE DATES ON THE LETTERS SENT TO PRESIDENT OBAMA ET AL ARE DATED FROM JULY TO OCTOBER; BUT MY SIGNATURE IS THE DATE THAT THEY ARE SENT BY COURIER. The letters material were completed on the dates but many limitations prevented their mailing until the signatory dates. The content of the letters is what is important, and whether or not any one replies to the issues.

Please also note that there may be a slight difference when the website changes appear and the actual mailing of the courier letters. This , too ,is due to financial constraints and technical difficulties ( I am not a web master ). Therefore , in the future the courier receipts for the letters will be posted along with any replies made by any of the politicians.

See the index listing the most recent letters sent.

Thank you, Edward A. Greenhalgh

2010 Update


This is Everyone's Opportunity to Hold Corrupt Businessmen Accountable and Help Make Society Better.

Dear Reader, when I first started this journey I was a student who believed I could contribute to society by discovering science of medical value. I did just that , but to my complete amazement I found myself in trouble with corrupt people at the University of Waterloo, whose objectives were to develop personal wealth and gain, not helping society. I am a cancer survivor , and , again , to my complete amazement , I found that government, funding bodies, and private individuals, all who claimed publicly that they were looking for the cure for cancer, would rather help cover up lying, and felony fraud than help the cancer research find answers. I survived my cancer (the same as Lance Armstrong's) by rejecting chemo and radiation and applying my own theories : over 18 Cat scans and X-rays to prove it, I am cancer free without the side effects Lance suffered. So why didn't anyone help the research?The short answer is money, the long answer is continued in the courier delivered letters I am sending to President Obama , and PM Harper(to be posted on the website for your consideration).Part of the long story is the corrupt Centre of Excellence program which allows the pharmaceutical companies to gain control of universities and re-direct the research only along paths which promote profit, not necessarily new answers. Part of the new answers is new research which I will never get a chance to do unless the public now helps me over come the suppression and black listing. And, as I will outline, the theory now explains that mankind will be extinct in 50 years unless we act now to prevent the tragedy. And if you help me , and ask President Obama to act ,this may end up creating more jobs rather than costing the taxpayer money. You must see the present events to be as great as those before the Second World War. You are now being asked to become the next Greatest Generation; the one that saved the world from a preventable ecological disaster.


May & July 2008 Revision

JULY 2008:

AS of 2008 there have been a series of “exciting” cancer discoveries announced in the media. Not to take away from the different groups’ hard work, but much of what they have “discovered” dates back to my 1988 Cell Death Signal Theory research sent out as proposals and descriptions to the Canadian and US governments, pharmaceutical firms and research centers in Canada, US, and the UK. These centers have included Princess Margaret Cancer Center (UT, Canada) U of Louisville (USA), Princess Patricia Hospital (Southampton, UK), and the Max Planck Research Institute, among many: even though I was black listed I wanted to help society, and the best way was to put these ideas in front of as many people as possible to speed the research. You cannot just show up at conferences, first they don’t let you in, and then they slander you and block you speaking anyways. So the only choice was to send out the theories so they would get around that way (and so be documented). What the public is asked to understand is that the documented evidence of the research THEORIES dating DIRECTLY back to the suppressed work of 1988. Research blacklisted and suppressed so academic and felony fraud could be committed (and people could die that might have been helped). So, ask yourselves, if the present day researchers are calling these “rediscovered” “NEW” theories of major importance, wouldn’t better treatments be available NOW!!

POINT; MENDEL PRESENTED HIS GENE THEORIES ABOUT 60 YEARS BEFORE THEY WERE “REDISCOVERED”. Researchers of his day just weren’t ready for new ideas; they were bad and selfish who really wanted to promote themselves. I have been black listed and hurt for 20 years now, but the theories haven’t stopped Cell Death Signal Theory has grown into the Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life (VTT). I NEED THE PUBLIC’S HELP NOW!! How many more people have to suffer so a lie can be covered up? The new theories involve pollution, GMOs, global warming and the creation of new diseases. You think you will die from flooding? More likely from a new disease for which you have no immune defenses. And the documented evidence proves my past theories to right and important. Will you help?
          2008 Wake Forest University (USA) reports on immune cells taken from healthy mice and placed in mice with cancer find that the tumours are attacked and the mice are cured of cancer. The granulocytes attack the tumours causing them to disappear.
          The BBC news read, “Clone cell cancer “cure” hailed.” The article read that a 52 yr old man with melanoma was cancer free after 2 years. US researchers (New England Journal of Medicine) took cancer fighting immune cells and made billions of copies and put them back in the patient. The patient is alive and cancer free after 2 years. I ask the reader to realize that this theory was explained to the US government over 20 years ago in my correspondence concerned about the academic fraud being committed by Yale and Waterloo universities. Letters to the Public Health Service (PHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plus the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. To name a few. [see Green section for some of the legal correspondence]. 

Long story short, why wasn’t this research helped by the very public bodies that are MANDATED by Acts under Congress to promote medical research of benefit to the taxpayer? Why did they CHOOSE to help cover up fraud, thus blocking beneficial cancer research? You should ask them!!! How many people have died over the last 20 years that didn’t have to? Do you know anyone who died of cancer?
PLEASE NOTE a cancer EXPERT at Imperial College in London (UK) described the BBC article research as “pretty exciting” with “potentially wide application.” PLEASE NOTE: I sent research proposals to Imperial College in the early nineties. If you are from the UK you should ask your government why they went along with the black listing to cover up academic/felony fraud?  Do you know anyone in England? Scotland? Wales? Ireland? Who died of cancer? Maybe they didn’t have to. You can still help now.
Please note that in 2007 researchers at Max Planck Research Institute published a paper discussing Cell Death Signal theory (go to the internet and look it up), and then go to the Green section of the website and see my letters to the Canadian government and Ministry of Health circa 1988.
Please note that as of July 2008 a Massachusetts University has produced a study of a silicon chip which captures tumour cells and can detect cancers earlier so better treatment options are available. IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS they HOPE TO BRING IT TO THE PUBLIC. That will be 2011. Wouldn’t ten years ago have been better? Please note under Goldman Philanthropic Funding/Culpepper project I discuss research proposals and there is a mention of research being done at a Mass. University. See at the end of Red Section with Merck. Pfizer and Hughes foundation proposals.
          What all the above researchers are missing is that they don’t tell you what cancer really is and if they knew that then cancer could be treated better, which is why I still need everyone’s’ help. Cell Death Signal Theory became VTT after reviewing the work of everyone and finding that Conrat-Frankel had said that viruses were the origin of life in 1963. He was hated then but later won the Nobel prize. Examing genes and the rest of my work you can see that genes are basically viroids that have come together in an economical solution to maintaining themselves, and condensing even more complexity, life is simply a solution to store more energy. Life is a never ending replicating chemical reaction. Viruses therefore are the origin of ALL cells and all cell components. These include all cell receptors and hormones. Evolution of virus components has lead to receptors and hormones and the functioning of cells and eventually higher organisms. Hence immune cells are a viroid derived control system. They are programmed by viroid components . In a healthy undamaged cell/tissue everything is in sync and harmony. Cancer disease occurs in response to some type of damage: radiation, chemical etc. that effects the harmony causing out of sync messages to occur or even the gene to come out of the genome to be a virus. This is too complicated for the insert I am preparing here. Longer story short, the virus REPROGRAMS the immune cells not to recognize viruses or tumours as dangerous. In the above “new discoveries” the immune cells from healthy animals simply have not been reprogrammed and see the tumour tissue as dangerous and to be removed. Can you understand the concept? I think most people can. Another consequence of this is that the tumour signals, the evolved viral hormones will be found in any individual long before a tumour forms. Therefore, if you develop systems to look for these peptides, Ring complexes, whole gamut of hormone types but specific for tumours you can detect cancer long before it is deadly!!! Now ask yourselves why no one has helped me? Why has everyone chosen to cover up academic lying, misconduct and fraud? Will you help the research?
          The research has ramifications to developing new vaccines and dealing with AIDS. See the Merck, Pfizer and Gates Foundation proposals at the end of the Red Section. But more importantly, VTT is concerned about pollution GMOs and new diseases. Diseases are not parasites but evolutionary REGULATORS.  The media has said that the polar ice cap will be gone this year and the Artic ocean will have open water for the first time in mankind’s’ memory. This is absolutely frightening. And we are dumping so much sewage in our waters as to be even more scary. And we have free radicals from pollution and GMO genes running wild, literally. Earth is a living organism, and I just explained that viruses are the REGULATORS OF LIFE. Mankind, as a species is out of control, what do you think is the best way to regulate an out of control species? If you examine models in nature you will see diseases occur to do that. And what we now face, especially because of GMOs, are gene sequences in the wrong places!! And whose genes are these? Mankinds!! See the Red or Gold section where this is discussed but we must clean up the earth or we will die. Extinction. Extinction of species has happened before, usually due to environmental stress, and the present environmental stress is species specific. We may only have 20 years to act. Oil crisis and global warming is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, new mankind-programmed diseases will be the ultimate threat. Will you help? This is just a condensed addition to the website. I will now finish the letter to PM Harper, and include material to Governor Arnold Scwharznegger of California (since The “Guvenator” is concerned about the environment and promoting Biotech and my concerns are about BAD biotech. Also Canada and California has entered into a 100 million dollar biotech program collaboration.). Thank you. I look forward to any response the public may make. E.A.Greenhalgh

MAY 2008:

The QUESTION remains unanswered; Is lying for money fraud? And can research described in derogatory terms by official federal documents be called excellent? And if the government will accept lies and cover up how safe is the public and any subsequent research that the government declares safe because it is excellent? Can the public afford to bet their lives on allowing the government to lie so friends can use government programs to make money by labeling substandard products as excellent (i.e., vaccines, medicines, treatments, etc.)? The present update is made only to affirm the website is alive and your help is still needed. I am a cancer survivor, but the blacklisting and associated financial hardship makes life extremely difficult, exactly what the malicious mean-spirited people who blacklist intend. So changes often are delayed. The most basic request I can make of you is to have patience and tell as many people as you can about this site because you can help to change history and the world. Think about this, maybe if my research wasn’t suppressed to cover up fraud by the Universities of Waterloo and Yale, then Senator Ted Kennedy, or the brother of David Cook the new American Idol would not have to die from their brain cancer (please note my theory involved non invasive treatment to tell the tumours to die. Genetic programming signals). So many women say they walk for breast cancer and a cure, but if you look at the old section of the website you will see proposals going back to the early nineties to the drug companies and numerous universities that could have solved the problem by now. BUT no one helped! DO YOU REALLY CARE? If you do then you will help, it is that simple. FACT: I had cancer and used my theories and lived! My supervisor, who contaminated the lab (a bad scientist and mentor) with a cancer causing isotope had conventional treatment and DIED!!! New theories vs. old: I lived! Do you want to? Do you want to protect your loved ones? If you do then you will help.
          The previous 2007 Purple Section will be finished and included in the final Blue Section when the courier letter to Prime Minister Stephan Harper is complete and sent. It is entitled, “IS THE PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE (PMO) COMPLICIT IN A CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE?”A very serious letter connecting the University of Waterloo and RIM (Research in Motion, the Blackberry) past and present through President David Johnston, President Emeritus Douglas Wright and Chancellor Michael Laziridis to continuous lobbying of the federal government to cover up criminal activity at the taxpayers’ expense and the public good. Government should not be a partner in crime but must act to protect the public and must act to expose wrong doing, not cover it up. Karl Heinz Schreiber has his Brian Mulroney letter, but so do I, but mine proves that the former P.M. Brian Mulroney was aware of the criminality of the Administration of the University of Waterloo. And since this has arisen new evidence of other secret or held back papers/information by the government has come to my attention making a Public Inquiry of the Center of Excellence Program an important public health and safety issue. If you are an American or European/UK resident you may not appreciate how the Center of Excellence program affects you but there are similar programs running in the US and in the UK (another form) too. The Center of Excellence program is a danger because it takes away the independence of universities and makes researchers and students simply extended employees of private companies and as such can’t act in the public’s best interests to warn of dangerous drugs or practices. They can lose their careers and futures to blacklisting or even sued. In short universities aren’t centers of learning but drug development and technical training centers where employees (students and professors) are bound not by ethics and duty to mankind’s advancement but company policy even if it violates federal regulations and laws even though they are funded more by the taxpayer than private enterprise. A code of silence and corruption. That is unless you act to help expose this.
          How are you in danger and why was I black listed? Remember circa 1980 and the Tainted Blood Scandal where contaminated blood from American prisons was channeled through Canada and shipped all around the world infecting thousands of people with Hep C.There was a test for this that they didn’t use because of cost and they didn’t want the private company held liable so profit was put ahead of public safety. Fact: no one has gone to jail for this but the taxpayer was on the hook for the liability (not the private company). Wouldn’t you call the action criminal negligence causing harm? You think anyone learnt a lesson? You think wrong because people in the FDA and Health Canada are laughing at you. What about Mad cow? What about WMDs? What about the super tuberculosis bug that escaped from the FDA lab last year to fly around the world undetected among the public? What about the hoof and mouth outbreak in the UK from a so-called secure lab; how many farmers were hurt? Has anyone been held accountable ? When does it stop? How about the women in Newfoundland who died when their breast cancer tests were wrongly diagnosed? And what about Hemasol blood products that both the FDA and Health Canada allowed to continue testing even though secret documents (like I am seeking) told how people were endangered from clotting and heart attacks, this was just now exposed in 2008. But if you don’t care, then who does? That is why they can afford to laugh at you because you don’t do anything to hold them accountable.
          Note the link the between myself (E.A.Greenhalgh), President Douglas Wright of the University of Waterloo and the Center of Excellence program (the Canadian government), Tainted Blood and Hemasol Inc. I wrote the federal government upon discovering academic wrong doing at the University of Waterloo warning of the danger of profit over public safety from this program (Douglas Wright’s mantra reported in the papers was “millionaires wandering the halls of academia”). Unknown to me was the deep support of the federal government for this program and that they were helping to just start up the Hemasol Company from an assemblage of banks and businesses. The rest is history, I was black listed and cancer and AIDS theories were suppressed so Hemasol could create millionaires (the company has been reported to be in receivership as of 2008). The corruption and the danger to the public safety with the resultant harm is a PROVEN DOCUMENTED FACT!
I still believe in GOOD science and good scientists helping people. I also believe in good business and good practices, but I also believe that BAD BIOTECH and BAD people, scientist, politician or businessperson must be held accountable for their actions and if their actions result in harm then they must be held CRIMINALLY responsible. The harm from bad biotech, new diseases etc is just so very very real and deadly we can not have fools playing around with things that they don’t really understand and the belief that political connections will protect them. This is wrong and dangerous. What do you believe?
          This presentation is just a temporary update and when I have the material finished more will be added soon, but remember the black listing makes it hard to exist so patience and understanding are appreciated. Your help would be appreciated if you could tell more people of this website so the corruption can be exposed and treated appropriately. Thank you. Edward A.Greenhalgh 26 May 2008 
 Please note that if you are concerned about Global Warming one of Douglas Wright’s publicly expressed suggestions for the garbage crisis was incineration; this is what I have had to deal with. Please note regarding Global Warming see the Red Section and the Sars Mass Extinction section from the menu in the Green Section as it is not so much about SARS as the creation of NEW diseases resulting from pollution and in response to climate change. Each section discusses many topics so you should review each on its own merits.  


AIDS RESEARCH NEEDS OVERHAUL REQUIRING “ENORMOUS INTELLECTUAL LEAPS” and Dr. Anthony Fauci American official in charge of AIDS research states that he wants NEW people with NEW IDEAS to join the research. Was Dr. Fauci honest and truthful? Please see the emails I sent him, which, so far have gone unanswered. Maybe you, the public, should email him also and ask him why.

Click here to see the emails.

October 2007 Revision


Douglas Wright and Michael Lazaridis of Research in Motion (RIM, the “blackberry”)/the University of Waterloo are playing the SEC like a Mafiosi plays a cheap violin. When the issue of basic research is publicly disclosed Chancellor of the University of Waterloo, Michael Lazaridis, will be exposed as a liar and a cheat; while former President and Chancellor, Douglas Wright to having a history of giving deliberately false signed assurances. ONLY A FEDERAL PUBLIC INQUIRY WITH TESTIMONY GIVEN UNDER OATH CAN PROVIDE THE COMPLETE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THESE SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS!

   What will be demonstrated is that everything that is wrong with academia and the corruption of research today can be traced back to corrupt administration practices at the Universities of Waterloo and Yale. The acceptance and promotion of lying to achieve funding and status is compromising the very basic integrity of any research findings and the ethics of the presenters and represents a very clear danger to the public safety. This can be no more clearer in the safety of NEW vaccines, and presently with dangerous toys and escaped TB strains from CDC labs and the UK hoof and mouth disease disaster. Why do you trust people who are incompetent and lie? Do you believe al Qeda planned the attacks of 911 from Iraq? Conversely, did the holocaust happen? Yes or no? An academic question but you know the answer, however, criminals who seek to escape justice refuse to answer this question. Did the University of Waterloo deliberately, in premeditation, give false assurances for federal monies for a scholarship to Yale that they would not have otherwise received had they told the honest truth? Is this research that they received money for, and is described in official Health Ministry documents in derogatory terms, excellent? Yes or no? WHY NOT answer the question in public, University of Waterloo, unless, like a Nazi war criminal, your only defense is to deny your past? Your criminal past to escape justice? An academic question for an academic center that committed federal felony fraud.

How do academic questions affect your life? What good are signed assurances for pet food? Did your pet die? Children’s toys? Did your child eat lead today? How about vaccines? Could you be crippled or killed by a bad batch no one reports because someone hides a report or is told to coverup? Or Chimeras, (human animal cell clones), do you believe the lab precautions because a CEO signed assurances saying nothing can go wrong, like Mission Accomplished?
I need your help to continue the research I started but was black listed from completing so fraud could be covered up. I can’t do it alone without you and your help. If you want to help and make sure government tells the truth and enforces the law please read the new material. Please help expose the danger that could harm you and your family. I can’t do this alone. Thank you, Edward A.Greenhalgh, CLICK TO CONTINUE, THEN SCROLL TO MAIN BODY AT MIDDLE OF PAGE

May 2007 Revision


How Criminal Acts (Felony Fraud) Committed by Officials of the University of Waterloo/RIM [the blackberry] Blocked Cancer and AIDS Research. How YALE Benefited Compromising the Basic Integrity of Scientific Research and the Serious Consequences for People like Michael J. Fox and Claims of Truthful Ethical EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH .The Major Role of Business and Banks to REDIRECT Public Money, Federal Programs and the Law to Suit Personal Private Agendas. The Impact on Society from Cloned Meat and Genetically Modified Foods to the Spread of Mad Cow Disease. Why Bad Scientists, Universities, Politicians and Businesspeople MUST Be Held ACCOUNTABLE to the LAW and Federal Programs and the Public. How TACTICS used by the University of Waterloo/RIM are the SAME Ones Used by a Former Nazi SS Death Squad Member to Escape Justice. And How the Consequences of such Actions to have the ELITE RULE and be ABOVE the LAW/ACCOUNTABILITY make a JOKE out of ANY Claims of bioethics (for stem cell research, and other biotech projects including the world's AIDS efforts, flu pandemic, new vaccines and global warming). If Business Controls Universities and are allowed to LIE and Violate the LAW and Federal Regulations, who do you believe and why are you safe? And if you are shareholder concerned about RIM's accounting practices, the SEC has started a formal inquiry of RIM and you may want to contact the SEC yourself to tell them about the history of one of their (RIM's) Board of Directors, Douglas Wright, who as the former President and CEO of the University of Waterloo, has a documented history of giving Deliberately False Assurances for federal programs, funds and considers himself (The Elite) to be better than everyone else and above the Law and Accountability and to use political connections to manipulate federal officials and the law in order to achieve personal gain not otherwise possible by honest means. Read the following to see what you can do to make things better.

Topics: Merck/Pfizer/Bill Gates Microsoft/TD Waterhouse Ameritrade/ Scotiabank/AIDS-Africa pandemic/Breast Cancer/ Vaccines/Bird Flu and Pandemics/Yale's New Cancer Center/Hilary Rodham Clinton and New Ideas for America/Affirmative Action for the Middle Class and Poor vs. the Elite/Monsanto and Genetically Modified Food /Cloned Meat, Safety and the Family Farm vs. Factory Farming Ramifications/The RCMP Commissioner Resigned Amid Misconduct Allegations /Global Warming and Emerging Diseases/ The Globe and Mail Publisher, Geoff Beattie and Relationship to Princess Margaret Cancer Center and University of Waterloo/RIM[the Blackberry]/Political Misconduct by Former Prime Ministers Mulroney, Chretien and Martin ;their connections and control by UW/Influence on the US Congress to Avoid Enforcing the Law and Federal Regulations/Failure of Breast Implant Testing/Why the USDA Doesn't Want to Test All Cows for Mad Cow Disease. Basic Question: Is Lying For Money Fraud? Yes or No? What Cancer is, and Why Bad People have been Fighting me while Innocent People are Allowed to Die. Implications for ALL Research. A Personal Challenge for Bono of U2 and Mrs. Melinda Gates: Save 20 Children in Africa from AIDS: Empty Talk is Cheap!

May 2007, Dear Reader, the website is being updated and the material to support this introduction is being prepared, but is extensive and must be cross referenced to the previous updates. Personal hardships; such as a severe viral respiratory infection in February, and some nasty person spiking our car tires has added to this delay and the general hardships I had to face. So much is said about donating to cancer research especially using small children with baldheads, and women with breast cancer, and the people say, this MAY, this COULD help find a cure for cancer. Well, Ifs and MAYBEs and COULDs are good enough, then isn't it fair to ask the question that if Douglas Wright Fmr President of U of W (and a board member of RIM) and Dr.J.E.Thompson (former Dean of Science at U of W) blocked my cancer theories, shouldn't they be considered "baby killers" etc. by the same coulda woulda token? Especially since the Cell Death Gene Signal is now considered to be an integral part of modern cancer research? And shouldn't Dr.Tak Mak of the Ontario Cancer Institute be compared to the same type of doctors who opposed Semmelwiess who in the 19th century fought to have doctors sterilize their instruments and wash their hands. This concerns a comment Dr.Mak made on TVO concerning breast cancer and pregnancy: he almost sounded like a religious fundamentalist in his fatalist comments. My theory, VTT will explain some very significant points concerning the very causes of this cancer which, once explained like Cell Death Signal Gene, may make treating the disease in older women easier. These are some of the serious topics to be explained and one of the reasons why the update is taking so long. But in light of the Governments' mishandling of the WMDs (never existed) in the USA, and Canada's blotched cover up of the 1985 Air India disaster, you can see why time is essential to uncover the misconduct of government officials who refuse to enforce the law and federal regulations so cronies can escape justice and accountability.

Please review the Gold Section and Red Sections for issues that are important such as the implication of emerging diseases and how the pharmaceutical industry CAN'T protect you: they asked the President for a release from any liability for any flu vaccine they may produce. Please note, the Global Warming will promote the emergence of new deadlier diseases and it is not the production of ONE flu vaccine that will be required, but several and on a timely schedule. They have already admitted they can't do it. Think about it. Go to the Green Section and Read Mass Extinction/SARS; it is not about SARS but how the changing climate, pollution and GMO promote new diseases that you have no protection from. Which is why I so desperately need your help. To overcome the malicious blacklisting and financial harm caused by various people associated with the University of Waterloo/Rim and Yale plus the various government agencies acting to protect them. I do need your help to expose and over come this corruption. Please be patient as the changes to this section will be made and are coming as soon as possible. Thank you.
Edward A. Greenhalgh, 07 May 2007

May 2006 Revision Title

Stem cells were supposed to be a miracle, but all that has been proven is that the South Korean researcher lied and the majority of western institutions/researchers were of such low standards they were unable to detect the flaws and lies. Worst, they seemed more than willing to accept and promote the lie if they (too) could (share in the pie) receive billions of tax dollars for themselves to fund useless research. Useless research solves nothing and people die or are crippled with false hopes. Mrs. Nancy Reagan, they would misuse your dreams and good will in order to lie to use you for money and give back nothing in return (they would steal). That is the definition of bad scientists and universities: people who give deliberate false assurances to gain money for nothing except personal gain and why institutions which give FALSE SIGNED ASSURANCES for taxpayers'/federal monies must be held ACCOUNTABLE! This is especially RELEVANT in light of proposed FLU vaccines – you could die if a bad one is produced and no one is held ACCOUNTABLE and LIABLE. We are talking about the public TRUST and SAFETY. Institutions and researchers must be held to high standards and accountability.

Everyone is talking about a (bird) flu pandemic, but what if that is NOT the real danger? Could YOU be (genetically) TAGGED FOR DEATH? Scroll down to the Gold Zone main body text for the full explanation from research suppressed in the early nineties: research blacklisted to cover up academic federal fraud by Waterloo and Yale universities. Research suppressed in flagrant violations of federal mandates (the law). However, (before continuing) please note that the drug companies have told Pres. Bush that they CAN'T (won't) precede with the development of new flu vaccines unless they are free from ANY liability. Please note in the previous 2005 Red Zone Revision I wrote Pfizer concerning the bird flu and vaccines, and informed the then CEO McKinnell that I may love his children more than he does because I have sacrificed so much to develop this research.

I have also contacted many many members of the federal governments warning them of the potential harm/deaths to their loved ones. My point is; the drug companies should have responded, ”Yes Sir, Mr. President, we will get on that right away because we have families too, and don't want them to die. Liability concerns? No, Sir, Mr. President, because our families would have to suffer too. We will produce a vaccine that is safe and effective for all. We will personally guarantee this!” Unfortunately, they didn't say that, but instead whined about liability and other excuses that only proved that they (and their Center of Excellence program) are not up to the challenges facing society. They prove my point that they are only concerned about money /profit and not new research that will save lives. If they aren't even concerned about their own families, just where do you and your own family fit into the big picture (think about it)? So when I say that political pressure has been brought to bear, which can threaten the profits of companies, causing the blacklisting of my person and research so academic fraud could be covered up and federal agencies (including the police) have performed improper investigations (misdirection) to cover up the wrong doing, you can see that money and influence form the basis for this statement being proven true.

Remember, Rumsfeld lied about Iraqi/ Al Qaeda ties, and the Gomery inquiry (Canada) has proven federal misuse of tax dollars; it is proven that federal people do lie to achieve private agendas, so my claims have a solid basis. So, if you don't want to be TAGGED for DEATH, read the new section and you can help by asking others to read this too (email people /blog it) because the public's help is needed to expose the corruption to help the research go forward and undo the black listing. Scroll down to the main body of text in the Gold Zone.

If the issues on the website cause you concern please share them with your Congressional Representative or Member of Parliament. Please write the appropriate Senate Committe too.
"Thank you for your...letter to Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders... Dr. Elders asked that I respond. We regret the difficulties that you have encountered at the University of Waterloo."

--Winston J. Dean, J.D., M.P.H.
Senior Advisor
Office of the Surgeon General
October 17, 1994
"Due to our limited resources, TAF can assist in only a small number of cases each year... Everything you have been through sounds awful."
--Alan Shusterman, Esq
Associate Director
Taxpayers Against Fraud
September 17, 1997

President George W. Bush has stated, "Justice may take time, but I'm a patient man."

Fact : There are no statutes of limitations for fraud committed against the U.S. Federal Government.

Fact : Cancer research theories were blocked so as to allow and cover up scholarship fraud at Yale.

Mass Extinction / SARS
"may be of phenomonal importance"
--Noam Chomsky 2004

"The end does not justify the means."
--Paul Martin commenting on corrupt goverment.

"The government overlooked signs of danger, should bad science continue to be overlooked?"
--911 Commision

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The Culture of Entitlement Blocks Cancer Research

Why and who would block cancer research? The answer is universities and the federal government. The reason is that they can. Powerful and rich business people make up the board of governors of universities and these same people either are politicians themselves or their friends. In the end it is cronyism over the public good that decides that cancer research would be blocked. The complicated is made to sound simple. The open public discussion that would follow is intended for the public good: something good to come from the exposure of corruption.

Who am I? I am a cancer survivor who used my own theories to treat my cancer, the same as Lance Armstrong's, and turning down chemo and radiation, my doctors thought I would die. Eight years later, and 23 plus catscans and x-rays etc. my doctor said I am cured. No brain tumour or lung cancer like Mr. Armstrong, I am quite fine thank you. My former supervisor died of cancer. The official university Secretary who told me he had cancer and didn't care if my research involved cancer theories also died of cancer. And the university which black listed me and suppressed the research has now plagiarized my theories. Indeed the Dean of Science has founded a business in collaboration with an American firm claiming the theory as his original concept. This is explained on the website. But please note, the research was suppressed so a C minus physics student could get a biology PhD and a scholarship to Yale. Even though at the request of the university that if I could get one competent authority to support my theory they would allow my thesis to stand. When I brought them a leading cancer researcher they backed down saying you get your experts and we will get ours. Please note their entire funding and the scholarship fraud depended upon there being no other theory. And like in the Blood Scandal I even provided them with a simple cheap chemical test to check and prove the research. That is what science is supposed to do, provide repeatable tests. They refused. They couldn't deal with the truth. They knew the answer they wanted and the truth would not let them commit fraud.


No one could imagine a disaster like the WTC could happen because everyone believed that government had adequate safeguards to protect society; just as no one wants to believe that the same government would block cancer research in order to cover up scholarship fraud. Sept. 11/2001 proved the unimaginable does happen due to what the American Senator Richard Shelby called "bureaucratic bungling." And the public must know that it is true that the governments of Canada and the United States blocked cancer research theories in order to cover up federal fraud; please read the email sent on 05 Sept. 2001 to the U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft for details.

The world community, ordinary people and legal experts alike, is asked for help. Please answer the question "IS LYING FOR U.S. FEDERAL MONIES (which would not be granted if the honest truth were told) FRAUD?" Yes, or no? The following Website took at least 180 hours of scanning to prepare and several thousand dollars. The Federal Police of Canada and the U.S. were told that the evidence would be placed on the internet for the world community's consideration because corruption and cover-up are cited. Cover up and political favoritism /corruption is especially noted to Canada with the Federal Minister Boudria etc as a fact of life in Canadian politics. Everyone is asked to appreciate the time and effort taken to present the effort and note how the suppressed research has been repeatedly emphasized to the authorities as being necessary for the public good so no one can say it was done "frivolously" or "vexatiously". These are slanderous terms that bad governments try to use hoping to discredit the victim when they try to cover up wrongdoing. The world community may ask that if you would spend so much effort, why not just do the research you claim is for the public good? Blacklisting does not allow you to do research or even receive employment, and so demonstrates the malicious nature of the people suppressing the research. The Canadian federal government must be scrutinized because at any time the Health Minister could have helped the research, but instead my Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated and the Federal Government must be seen as reprehensible. Please review the documentation of fraud, suppression of cancer theory, the blacklisting, and realize it represents only ten percent that is available.

The World Community is asked to read the " Addendum " sent to the DOJ/Deputy Chief Farrington and the U.S. Congress Committee on Energy and Commerce, plus the material sent to the CEO of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scholarship Fraud and Bad Biotechnology) and the e-mail to U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow concerning research and healthcare costs (29 May, 2002). The research will benefit society but the blacklisting and harm can only be undone with help from you, the World Community.

Read entire letter.

Edward A. Greenhalgh
May 29, 2002


The documentation PROVES that research of value to cancer was blocked so criminal, academic fraud could be committed. The evidence also proves that cancer research is blocked for money by business people and politicians in order to continue receiving taxpayers' moneys and gain control of patents. Cancer and AIDS theories (now proven correct) were suppressed to cover up the fraud by both the US and Canadian governments. Personnel under the IGO lied in writing as have Canadian officials. Civil rights violations from the blacklisting resulted in order to delay the cancer theories so established cancer centers could get credit (your donations to speed up research are wasted). Both the Canadian and American governments have violated their own laws ( Congress, War Against Cancer Act, and Acts of Canadian Parliament) in order to suppress the cancer and AIDS theories. Various politicians from both countries are cited for dereliction of duty, and collusion in suppressing the research in order to promote and protect the Centers of Excellence Scheme. If you have IBM or Microsoft stock, you should write complaints to the board that they are associated with a Center that blocked cancer research. The greater danger as seen in Tainted Blood, Mad Cow Disease and Avian Flu , is if government will lie about basic federal standards and laws in order to cover up academic fraud for elite friends, then why won't they lie about dangers from bad biotech (especially if they receive donations from the firms)? Remember how truthful they were about WMDs and 911; and the Sponsorship Scandal!

What the documentation proves is that new cancer theories are held back by politicians and their friends for money and malicious reasons: all betraying the public trust. If you want to speed up research , then you must act to help expose the corruption and hold wrongdoers criminally responsible. It is the only way to send a message and ensure that science and the new biotechnology are safe.

Edward A. Greenhalgh May 2004



(See letter dated 14 June 2001 on the original website sent by courier to the US Congress Commerce and Energy Committee care of Mr.. Johnson)

TOPICS: Cancer/AIDS, Stem Cell Research, Bird Flu and New Diseases plus Genetically Modified Crops effecting the Environment/Evolution.

REPORTED in the Media July 2005: the US Congress has asked the Pharmaceutical Industry to participate in the BioShield Initiative to produce new vaccines against new flues and emerging diseases. The Pharmaceutical Industry DECLINED participation citing a lack of PROFITABILITY and the RISK OF LIABILITY.

QUESTION: who will do the NECESSARY research in order to protect the public?

FACT: reported in the media July 2005 that Chiron, a major flu vaccine supplier to the US and was previously closed down last year due to health/quality concerns, is AGAIN reporting production problems. If they can't get their act together in a non-emergency humdrum time how in heaven's name will respond during a crisis?

Point, my research is not just about cancer and AIDS or even bird flu, it is about the emerging new diseases and the return of old ones we thought defeated. Antibiotics and the "miracle" drugs have been over used so new strains of resistant diseases have developed. You need dedicated imaginative people to meet the challenge, not bureaucrats.

Point, the Canadian government as of July 2005 cancelled 34 million dollars in grants to labs developing cancer, AIDS and SARS vaccines citing them not to be profitable: Bureaucrats with no foresight of future needs. Note, the US government orders fighter planes to protect their homeland, and fighter planes will NEVER show a profit but they are necessary. The Canadian government bought surplus scrapped and refurbished diesel submarines (and cost a sailor 's life) for billions of dollars, but these machines will never show a profit nor will they necessarily protect anyone. See what I'm up against and I want to help society.

Please see the June 2005 letter sent to Pfizer CEO/Chairman Hank McKinnell (at the end of this) wherein I address the above concerns. Mr.McKinnell's/Pfizer's reply will be made available when received. I wish to point out to the public the lengths I have had to go to try and get the research to benefit society. Included are the most RECENT proposals sent to Merck, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, plus emails to the Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. My research concerns/theories have a long history so I am not just now jumping on any bandwagon; they date back to the early nineties. Indeed, the Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life (VTT) was included in material sent to the president of Hoeschst-Celanese circa 1992 (see old research proposal section) and note in a discussion on cancer/AIDS/genetic basis for evolution and new flues there is the mention of a protein relevant to breast cancer treatment. Two points, 1) researchers are now developing such a protein to combat breast cancer, which interferes with the tumour growth, and 2) Hoechst-Celanese is the parent of Aventis or Connaught labs (U of Toronto) which produces vaccines in Canada some of which are sold to the US. Research to develop new techniques for new types of vaccines could have started as early as 92, and if you know anyone who died of breast cancer, well, maybe they shouldn't have. Remember, U of W blacklisted me to cover up the academic fraud. I sent these proposals out to all the major drug companies because I thought this was the only way around the suppression and to speed up the worldwide research. Please note, Pfizer is gong to be coming out with such protein based drugs soon too, so perhaps my plan did succeed after all. My ideas did help, but now if you do want to protect your family I need your help. The life you save may be someone who loves you, and isn't such a life worth saving? What kind of person/cancer researcher blocks research for money? The question at first seems silly, but many cancer researchers are simply bad people holding a position for money and power (a gatekeeper). Professional athletes have used steroids to advance themselves and get millions of dollars even though it may cause health problems and their records are frauds. And they are just people, like cancer researchers and University CEOs who put themselves first ahead of ethics and others. And in evidence of this bad attitude was quite clear in the reply where cronyism takes precedence over scientific advancement of cancer research by the USA Endocrinlogical Society's response to charges of plagiarism against my former supervisor when I found out he repeated my experiments (please note, the Canadian government had already cancelled his grant and described his work in derogatory terms so to get his grant back he repeated my work. None of this the Government told me, how strange). They said it wasn't important if the work was important to cancer research because someone else would repeat it sooner or later. Sooner or later, you remember this if you know of anyone with cancer because I want you to realize that the letterhead of this official response was the City of Hope, a cancer research center!!! How awful. And about the politics of cancer, please note the reply I received from the Canadian Cancer Society when I asked them for help to develop the research. They simply refused giving the reason that I had criminal charges pending against the University of Waterloo so they wouldn't get involved. Excuse me but please realize I came to them with proof of my accomplishments and finally found out the research at U of W was classified in derogatory terms. They chose not to help proven work and protect cronies. Please note the Canadian Cancer Society has strong connections to the University of Toronto, which incorporates a large cancer center, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, and circa 1992 I had already explained to Dr. Ling there the Cell Death Signal Gene Theory to tell tumours to die. All Dr. Ling wanted to do was fight with me and tell me how good U of W was and important my former supervisor was. What was more important; cancer research or protecting a crony? If Dr. Ling wishes to publicly dispute ANYTHING he must first, on the public record, answer the questions, 1) is research described in derogatory terms excellent, and 2) is lying for money fraud? Also, has Dr. Ling's work found the cure for cancer? By the way in 2002 researchers at U of T announced finding a gene that tells tumours to die. How many years later? Is this the type of attitude to "make cancer history" or just keep the money rolling in?

FACT: I am a cancer survivor who had the same cancer as Lance Armstrong in 1997 but turned down chemo/radiation to apply my theories and 22 catscans etc later am cancer free without the secondary cancers Mr. Armstrong suffered. A doctor told me it was unusual for a person of 43 to get that type of cancer.

FACT: my former supervisor at UW died of cancer in 2004; he had conventional treatment, and his research was useless to him. Points 1 and 2 are connected by events related to J. C.M.Riley's research circa 1987 wherein they ordered radioactive iodine isotope for use in their experiments. Riley, whose work is officially recognized in derogatory terms, (he really was only a C- BSc. Physics student on his own merit) contaminated the lab, so if anyone else who had any association with that lab or shared facilities has developed cancer then there may be a direct link to the low standards that the University of Waterloo allows to exist. I believe there is now a strong causal link between my own cancer and that which caused my former supervisor's death. See bad science can kill.

These facts are mentioned because the bad practices and lost research were brought to the attention of both federal governments (US & Canada) and they chose to cover up wrong doing at the expense of advancing new ideas and beneficial research. Please note in relevance circa 20th July 2005 the CDC in press conference in response to vaccines and autism and the removal of a controversial preservative said they ensure vaccines are as safe as possible and respond to the known scientific facts they have available to them. I have just proven that both governments are good at ignoring evidence presented before them, and you the public if you want to be safe must hold them accountable. Ask them to lay the fraud charges, as this will send a very powerful message to anyone withholding scientific evidence as we have seen harm can result.


Both governments have been proven willing to cover up bad science even if it means research will be delayed or lost and people are allowed to die. Think about this and the concerns of new diseases which will require new vaccines and new ideas; will they be able to respond to save your family?

The Gomery (Scandal) Inquiry has uncovered the fact that the Chretien (Canada) government was handing out brown envelopes stuffed with thousands of dollars to cronies in exchange for favours. Chretien's former Health Minister, Alan Rock as Justice Minister wasted 2 billion (2000 million) dollars on a gun registry that is not finished. Rock is now Canada's ambassador to the UN covering such topics as AIDs, emerging diseases and human rights. Please note that 2 billion could have helped PM Martin appease Bono on Canada's failed 0.7% commitment to the third world. Nonetheless, former, PM Chretien appeared arrogantly before the Gomery Inquiry with commemorative golf balls as his defense (he collects these because he likes to golf and there is a club next to his retirement home which he helped subsidize with taxpayers' money). I asked PM Chretien (and PM Mulroney see reply elsewhere) for help for the cancer research and all the wrongdoing. This is a man whose wife picked out commemorative watches under the sponsorship scandal which he had time to approve, but he made no reply to my cancer concerns even though it was a courier letter. However, his deputy PM ,Sheila Copps did reply (see elsewhere), so the only conclusion we can make is Chretien believes golf is more important than helping people with cancer. If you had a loved one die of cancer have a commemorative golf ball made up with the monogrammed loved one's name, type of cancer and date of death on it and mailed to Mr. Chretien. Send it care of the present PM, Paul Martin in Ottawa Canada; I am sure he will get the message.

US politicians, from Congressman Dingel to Mr. Johnson at Energy and Commerce, are no better: the list is too long to mention them all, but please note for people who claim they want new treatments and ideas brought to the US they react very badly. Indeed, from the main menu select "email sent to US Congress on Stem Cell Research for insight (it was resent to given address). Rep. D. Cunningham (R Calif) appeared in the media explaining why he voted for its passage; he had a 6 yr old boy with diabetes appear before their committee who has since died, and said he didn't want anymore little boys to die due lack of research. Rep. Cunningham and his committee never responded to me, nor asked me to testify. I am not opposed to any research which saves lives (also see 2004 Revised Section on this) but expect my high ethical standards scare the insincere. Several other congressmen appeared on the media supporting Stem Cell Research but said high ethical standards would have to be applied! Please note, Rep. Cunningham is now under ethical investigation, but I believe their Committee could have gained a lot had they responded to my email points for the proposed research. You should read them, and then email Congress yourself and ask them to respond.

POINT: The Korean scientist who lead the team which has recently cloned human cells has said you should fund the research, okay, lets test his ethical standards and ask him to answer my major Questions in public. Is research, which is described, in derogatory terms excellent? And is lying for funding fraud? If he refuses, then his committment to high scientific ethics are open to question. Fair enough.

The point is many are crying that stem cell research will give you many miracles, especially in cancer, but if you look at my email (and all my correspondence to US government) that seems to be the least of anyone's concern because no one has helped. Please recall I had Cancer and survived, but a brother with prostate cancer died with conventional treatment; and a niece has still survived. And about your poor 6 yr old, Rep. Cunningham, I have a 4 yr old great nephew (an identical twin by the way) with a brain tumour, so spare me your phony tears, you could have helped. Indeed maybe cancer would be history right now if it wasn't for the black listing to cover up the fraud at Yale and UW. As for my family, I can treat myself with anything, but not family members. It would be irresponsible science without the proven clinical studies to support my claims, so I have been forced to sit back and watch as my brother died and the others have suffered due to your lack of diligence. And, similarly, Rep. Arlen Spector who also appeared on CNN and said he had cancer which was why he was supporting stem cell research so others would not have to suffer should have his commitment questioned as I phoned his office and asked him to review my website. No response from Rep. Spector. Why? Why a billion dollars for Stem Cell? In an earlier section I propose you fund your ten best researchers; what would that cost at 1 million a year, 10 million dollars and at the end you could evaluate their results. What is wrong with such a trial?

ONLY SPECULATION: certain representatives may be looking at large sums of government monies to go to building (brick and glass) stem cell research centers in their home states and have their names put on them. This is good for their prosperity and also gathering votes by supporting local businesses. Just a question, but if you look at cancer research a lot of the money you donate for research goes into building new buildings and not research, hence enhancing the value of the university they are housed on: prestige, not results.

About looking for research, what do I have to do to get attention? See the email to Former Sec. of HHS, Tommy Thompson who also appeared on the media talking about his wife who had breast cancer and now his daughter too, and how he said he made this a priority while he was at HHS. Really, he never responded to my approaches so it is fair to ask how hard did he work, and does he really care for his family or was he just using them for political leverage? Given how hard I have worked to develop the research and how much I've been kicked, I do believe it is fair to ask these questions.

And what about Canada, and PM Paul Martin, does he REALLY support the fight against cancer/AIDS and stopping new diseases/flues? I have emailed him several times and his Justice Minister; Irwin Cotler (see email section material) but received no replies. Point, emails are considered as legal as courier letters, and when PM Martin was running for re-election he used homophobic emails against his opponents. Why was he able to get these emails but not respond to mine, especially something as serious as the flu pandemic and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? You, the public, should ask him.

About the police, both the US federal (DOJ as represented by Deputy Chief Farrington) and Canadian federal (represented by Comm. Zacardelli) police have failed the public in failing to do their duty to enforce the law. See Dep. Chief Farrington's reply (main menu),"What laws have been broken?" And Comm. Zacardelli does not even have the courage to personally reply even though I made the legal question as simple as possible: Did Douglas Wright knowingly lie for J.C.M.Riley? Is lying for money fraud?

Before continuing, let me make it very clear that no one is asked to support unsubstantiated claims, everything has been documented. And, no one has been asked to support bad science, and to this end I have asked the PM Martin to publicly ask (to prove their own ethical standards):

1.the scientists on the Canadian Stem Cell Ethics Committee to answer the QUESTIONS (I.E., IS RESEARCH DESCRIBED IN DEROGATORY TERMS EXCELLENT, YES OR NO? and is LYING FOR MONEY FRAUD? ETC)
2.the two leading Canadian microbiologists, Drs. Low and Plummer to publicly answer the QUESTIONS.
3.I had asked the US Congress Stem Cell Committee to do the same.

So what can you, the public, do? The ordinary person can not send money, but you can send emails and ask your friends to read the website and then email the government requesting that they deal with these issues because they are important to the public good. Email the President and the Prime Minister.


New York Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, who has a reputation for honesty and going after corporate crime, and ask him to answer publicly the QUESTIONS that no one else has the courage or integrity to do.

The issues are vital to you to ensure that government and science are honest because you may have to depend upon new vaccines if a new flu or other disease arises. Look, if a deadly killer develops and the government acts to save you there may be MANDITORY vaccination of the entire population, and so YOU must demand what you receive up your arm or rump is safe. What if it is not? What if it is just distilled water to keep the public from panicking as they die? What IF??? It all comes down to those SIGNED ASSURANCES I have been fighting about. Now do you see why it is so important to you? whether it is the new stem cell research or the new vaccines, what you must consider is WHISTLE BLOWER PROTECTION because no one in their right mine will speak up after seeing what I have gone through and the public DID NOTHING TO HELP! And this is why I have been black listed and so vigorously opposed by both governments, because if you help me you will be setting very important precedents that will protect society but make it harder for crony politicians to protect cronies. The precedents are:

1. University presidents/CEOs can/will be charged under the criminal code (felony) for the misuse of federal funds.
2.Whstle blower protection will make it harder to cover up after science ' i.e., bad vaccines and bad medicines and bad government officials.

These are all good things that will be in the public good. This is your chance to help and make society a better place. I cannot make these changes without your help. Please help. Thank you.

Edward A. Greenhalgh 21 July 2005

1.Pfizer Letter, "I may care more for your children than you do!"
2.RCMP Commissioner Zarcardelli letter and reply
3.RCMP Public Complaints Commission email/letter: Holocaust Denial and the University of Waterloo
4.emails to PM Paul Martin and Justice Min, Irwin Cotler
5.Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Research Proposals
6.Goldman Philanthropic Foundation /Culpepper Biomedical Pilot Project
7.Merck Foundation Research Proposal
8.Howard Hughes Medical Foundation Research Proposal



Keywords: cancer, viruses, stem cells, bird flu, AIDS, TAGGED FOR DEATH, evolutionary danger emerging diseases. The Universities of Waterloo (RIM) and Yale. Bill Gates/Microsoft, Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline.Bill Clinton and Monsanto USDA. Mutagens, genetically modified organisms GMOs, environmental stress, Canadian Ministry of Health. The US Health and Human Services (HHS/NIH), Dr.Anthony Faucci.Unethical science, a lack of integrity in the scientific community and collegiality is propaganda for cronyism.

Why they lie. What they gain. What the public loses. How society is endangered.

FACT: U.S Rep. Cunningham (2006) has been given a federal prison sentence and others are under investigation in the Abramoff Lobbying Scandal.

FACT: From the Canadian Gomery Inquiry people have been sentenced for fraud in the misuse of federal money/PROGRAMS .The former Canadian Privacy Commissioner and Former PM Chretiens's speechwriter has been criminally charged for fraud and BREACH OF TRUST!

PROVEN : US and Canadian politicians and people in charge of federal programs do commit crimes and act unethically while betraying the public trust in pursuit of private personal gain and agendas.

The above facts were stated because it is essential for the public to appreciate that federal politicians and bureaucrats do commit crimes (they conspire), making it very believable that they could act (conspire) to block cancer and other research to benefit their own personal private agendas, and so private gain (through the misuse of public office and political connections to public office and public programs). They do not care about you (Joe public/taxpayer) but only themselves and are quite capable, after years of familiarity with political procedure, to misuse public programs for their own ends, performing corrupt and unethical acts, misusing, misdirecting public monies meant for honest research, for private goals, even if it means you could die (proof, the contaminated blood supply). What you must appreciate is that it affects you NOW, and why your help is needed more than ever.

Will the bird flu be the world's big flu pandemic killing millions as in 1919? Even though I have written many people dating back to circa 1992 on the flu as an evolutionary control mechanism, I don't have that answer. However, the REAL danger may be the interaction of the bird flu with the AIDS virus in Africa . Again this theory pre-dates to the early nineties and some of the material is on the website as early research proposals to the major international pharmaceutical companies, like GlaxoSmithKline. Note how many (pharmaceutical companies) don't do basic research in Canada ; and we later learn that they don't even do vaccine research in the US either. Where are the miracles coming from that the new 2006 pharma TV ad says is coming if they don't do basic research in North America ? The theory interrelates the cancer virus and the AIDS virus (same families) and the Mad cow disease family (prions) in a theory called V.T.T. (the Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life) which states that flues are Evolution's messengers that act to speed up or slow down evolution in response to the ENVIRONMENT'S NEEDS (see Mass Extinction/SARS on the menu of the Green section, its not about SARS but how the destruction of the environment speeds up the effect: pollution and environmental damage causes diseases to alleviate the pressure by killing off the offending species). I am a cancer survivor who used my own research to beat cancer: some of my detractors have died of cancer. Point made, I have put my own life on the line for my research, and my research has repeatedly been proven correct. So much so, people who originally suppressed my work (the University of Waterloo/RIM) have stolen it and used political connections to get away with it. Note how the culture of plagiarism, cronyism and unethical acts cultivated by the University of Waterloo can be reflected to RIM and their patents infringement suits in the US . The University of Waterloo has developed a culture of corruption and intellectual property theft that would make the Asian markets pirates green with envy. Please realize suppressing research receiving US federal monies is a flagrant violation of US Federal Mandates under HHS. It is also a violation of Canadian Federal Mandates: see opening Facts! And because it is proven that both governments have covered up this lying to protect Waterloo and Yale universities, why should you believe your government when it says a vaccine would be safe for you to use? WHY?


VTT states that ALL cancers are viruses: some call them oncogenes, which have a special relationship with all genomes of all living organisms (and is important to understanding evolution and how life evolved). Sounds simple, but the ramifications (control of the signals controls cancer and could do away with most conventional treatments in a very short time) are important and makes a LOT of cancer researchers very jealous and mean spirited because it means that they are no longer the SINGULAR experts. Like spoiled children, they must share their toy, and they DON'T want to! Nobel prize winner, Dr. Kary Mullis has publicly stated that most cancer researchers are lying to keep their high paying jobs. The American Cancer Society is made up of former pharmaceutical company cancer researchers. Neat relationship? Can you understand why I am blacklisted and why you must help if the research is to go forward? I can't overcome the suppression and blacklisting without the public's help.

Another important obvious fact is that both Waterloo and Yale have political and business connections that protect them from the enforcement of the law.


If you are familiar with the two famous magicians, then you are aware that they constantly tell you that they will DELIBERATELY MISDIRECT your attention so a trick will work. This is what the Canadian federal police (RCMP) did, and to a lesser extent, the FBI.In the previous Red Zone you will see correspondence to the Commissioner of the RCMP, G.Zarcardelli, and how the RCMP investigation is compared to the Holocaust Denial. To criticize a federal police investigation there better be a solid basis; here it is. The RCMP NEVER investigated former President and CEO, Douglas Wright, and former Dean of Science, Biology Chair, Dr. John E. Thompson. This is critical. Instead, they wasted taxpayers' dollars on a phony investigation (secretaries and procedure) in order to create MISDIRECTION. Please be very clear, it is:

•  Douglas Wright, and

2.Dr. John E. Thompson

who are being charged/alleged with federal felony of a federal program/money /fraud. Corporate felony. No one else. And, the RCMP never:

1.produced the documents they signed for the J.C.M. Riley NIH federal scholarship, NOR,

2. personally interviewed EITHER of the suspects.

Let me make this perfectly clear: it is as if the federal prosecutors in the World com/ENRON cases only interviewed secretaries and filing clerks, but NEVER spoke with Ebbers(sic), Skilling, nor Lay. Do you understand the effect that would have on the findings (lack of) of the investigation? No charges could be laid. Evers, Skiling, and Lay etc. would never go to court. The RCMP never, I repeat, never, interviewed CEO Douglas Wright, nor Dr. J.E.Thompson. And CEO Wright and Dr.J.E.Thompson both committed federal felony fraud by giving DELIBERATE FALSE SIGNED ASSURANCES. Read the material to the RCMP;over and over I ask them to PROVE that they interviewed CEO Wright and Dr. J.E.Thompson. They have never given the proof but beat around the bush about procedure, you can waste a lot of time with procedure but Wright and Thompson are the main perpetrators. Never have they produced the physical evidence, the NIH/Min. Health documents with their signatures giving SIGNED ASSURANCES that J.C.M.Riley was exceptional and that they were making honest and truthful statements in compliance with the federal regulations. This document proved the federal fraud. Never has the RCMP produced this simple document, but rather the RCMP has engaged in a classic case of MISDIRECTION in order to SHIELD CEO Douglas Wright and Dr. J.E.Thompson. Please review the appropriate material in the Red Zone.

IMPORTANCE: later the research that was lost so Thompson could continue receiving grant money (and the rest of the UW biology department) for research that was obsolete, and then they could plagiarize mine as their own, but more directly here I want you to realize one of the dangers of letting a CEO like Douglas Wright believe he is above the law and can escape justice. You must realize how many business and political connections he had. He was a provincial cabinet minister without (apparently) having to be elected (bought his position through connections and money) which means he was very powerful. And that kind of power must be responsible and accountable if people in our society are to be safe. For specific examples, it is not little mistakes in a laboratory that harms the public. A researcher can speak up and say the quality is bad or we made a bad batch. No, it is the powerful business man with the powerful political connections who is the danger. As in the blood contamination, he can over ride the little scientist on the floor (through threats and intimidation and confidentiality clauses and black listing etc., to destroy his life) and cause the dangerous product, a deadly drug (like a vioxx, or a thalidomide or tainted blood or,..., a bad vaccine) to be marketed for profit and expect to get away with (murder) it because of his many powerful connections. No, we have to expect more from a man like Wright and for the public good, health and safety, this kind of man must be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for his actions. It is in the best interests of society.

The US DOJ and the FBI are equally bad in their cover up to protect Yale. Why protect Yale? So Yale could save face and avoid being sued. At the same time as the Riley scholarship fraud, another American student (without political or wealthy connections) forged his transcripts to get into Yale, where he did very well wining scholarships etc. His only mistake was publicly bragging about it saying Yale wasn't so great and was easy. Yale, to save face, and to get back at him, threatened to charge him with felony fraud unless he gave back the scholarship money etc. etc. Had the Canadian Waterloo/Riley scholarship (official forged transcripts) felony fraud had come to light, Yale would have lost;

•  their threat over him

•  he then could have sued Yale for a gazillion dollars

•  Riley and a Yale professor, Dr.H.R.Behrman would have been exposed for plagiarism (of the E.A.Greenhalgh research).

Hence, the DOJ/FBI covered up and failed to file charges. Neat, huh?

I want all Americans serving in the National Guard in Iraq to savour this for a moment. Your government has threatened Guardsmen with criminal charges (some people in their 60s) if they don't report for duty (maybe multiple tours), but refused to charge a Canadian with felony fraud in order to protect Yale, and suppress research mandated by the federal government (like Cancer and AIDS theories). Think about it for a moment and appreciate it.

Please consider this; many scholarships are simply pre-arranged frauds in order to guarantee some wealthy elite families' children positions: guaranteed jobs for life paid for by the taxpayers. And globalization is sending many university grad jobs offshore and everyone is told to adapt to the market and the times; but not the rich elite who are above the law. But no one guarantees your kids a job for life. Jessica Lynch came from a poor rural community and she had to be shot in the Guard before she could get to go to college to become a teacher. Think about it. This case would expose all of this to the public, which is why I allege the DOJ/FBI refused to lay charges. American public, go to the original website Green section and read the DOJ's (Deputy Chief Farrington) comments,” what crime was committed?” Please email the DOJ and tell them fraud. CEO Wright and Dr. Thompson deliberately lied on federal forms for money that they otherwise would not have received had they told the truth. Lying for federal money from federal programs is federal fraud and there are NO statutes of limitations for federal fraud committed against the federal government. What do you in the National Guard think about that? Why do elite wealthy children deserve jobs guaranteed for life, and yours don't?



Please note, before I continue, just how many in the academic community are quite happy and content to accept lies and academic fraud and bad standards. The Endocrinlogical Society of USA must be viewed in the same light as the Catholic Church and how they cover up wrong doing. Academic standards are the backbone to academic integrity, and if scientists are allowed to lie and cheat, then there is no good reason to believe new drugs or vaccines are safe. In fact, lying scientists lend credence to the O.J.Simpson defense about the dna testing. Who do you believe? Why do you believe scientists are telling the truth? I presented the Endocrinological Society of USA with proof of plagiarism by my former supervisor and fraud, and they told me he could not have committed plagiarism nor fraud because he was my mentor. Just like the catholic priests could not have sodomized those young boys because they were their mentors. Wrong. There are bad mentors. There are bad institutions. And there are bad journals. Which explains how dangerous drugs get on the market to kill and cripple people. The South Korean researcher lied about his stem cell miracles. Did Dr. Anthony Faucci of NIH expose him? No! I wrote the NIH with the complaint about NIH fraud etc. Did they do anything? No! The NIH is not protecting the public. NIH and Endocrinology USA act as if the American people are the enemy. Note, 911 could have been avoided; indeed an American agent could have prevented it if he had been helped, but Nooooo, the bureaucracy covered up and hindered him. Just like both governments have fought me. Dr. Faucci may not be competent enough to protect the public. Dr. Faucci is on record as saying that 99.999% of researchers are honest. I don't believe Dr. Faucci was lying, I believe he is incompetent, because journals are developing computer programs to check all submitted photos for doctoring /fraud. Dr. Faucci, like Homeland security is out of touch, and I mention this so the public can see exactly what I have had to deal with.


TAGGED FOR DEATH (A Genetic Marker for the [Bird?] Flu)


Why help me? The research has been so suppressed as to be out of date, so why care? Wrong, my detractors, those black listing and suppressing me are like all criminals; they have to suppress good work in order to hide their awful incompetence. Riley is not the exception; he is the standard that most research is done at today, and why my research is so relevant. You have to understand what was going on politically at the University of Waterloo and their direct connection to government, the pharmaceutical industry, Monsanto, the governments of Canada and USA (USDA) and the Universities of Guelph and Manitoba , plus the Center of Excellence program. Douglas Wright was directly connected to former P.M.Brian Mulroney, whose science minister was the former President of the University of Guelph (an agricultural university that was making a deal with Monsanto). The Ministry of Health had the responsibility for research (then MRC) whose President was Dr.H.G.Friesen former Biology Head from the University of Manitoba (which had connections to Guelph and UW). Dr.Thompson was the Dean of Science/Chair at UW and along with the biology dept. received money for research, which I proved wrong. The whole department was wrong. Besides being on the Riley Ph.D committee he also sat on the M.M.Buhr Ph.D. committee, whose work was the basis for the Riley Ph.D., which I proved wrong in just six months. Because the RCMP refuses to release all the details the following is sketchy (I did ask P.M. Paul Martin for a full public inquiry so the whole truth could be known see accompanying section of emails) but generally accurate. If anyone disagrees, please help me in calling for a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY and ask the present P.M., Stephen Harper to prove he tells the truth when he says there will be ACCOUNTABILITY IN HIS GOVERNMENT. Riley, whose work was wrong was guaranteed apposition at Yale. Apparently, M.M.Buhr went to the University of Manitoba (Dr.H.G.Friesen's alma mater, hence a reason for him to cover up) before going to the University of Guelph where she was guaranteed a position. All for research that was wrong. Positions for nothing!!!! Please note that during this time period the country held a Royal Commission into Reproductive Research (my field) and found that the researchers were SUBSTANDARD WITH MANY BAD PRACTISES; i.e., venereal diseases in with the sperm samples etc. etc. Bad practices period. And these are the people I had to deal with. Do you understand why they wouldn't want a scientist around who wouldn't lie nor accept bad standards. I have been blacklisted to cover up for bad scientists and bad government.

You also have to be introduced to Dr.Cal Stiller of Western University ( London Ontario ) who also wears many hats as a front for many pharmaceutical agencies promoting the Center of Excellence scheme. He also had former students at the University of Manitoba who controlled a major biology department, and they bought back drug patents from drug companies and used the university to develop these for i.e., cancer. Sounds good, but think about it, they look to see if they can get a 25 to 35 percent improvement in an old discovery while tying up a whole department on development, NOT research of new drugs. Not discovery. My point is I wrote, courier letter with follow up phone call, Dr.Stiller and explained the NEW cancer theories. NO RESPONSE. Allegation, my new research would DISCOUNT (difference from disprove) his former students, and discount the Center of Excellence scheme. Again, basis for black listing. Note all the interconnections so important to black listing.

Back to the University of Guelph , where they were desperate for money, and along comes Monsanto and Genetically Modified crops. Monsanto gives U of G approximately 30 million, which in turn the government of Canada turns around and spends promoting Monsanto GMOs in Asia . Now we have reached the bird flu and TAGGED FOR DEATH theory.

See the Green and Red Sections on emerging diseases and how Monsanto's genetically modified crops may have been responsible for the rise of the bird flu in Asia . Grain is used to feed birds. Is this proof? No. If you are black listed you can't do the research; but if it were to be proven, then Monsanto could be held liable for all the damage caused to the farmers and economy caused by the bird flu. Can't prove what you can't test. Like 911, you won't appreciate it until the planes kill people. Why not try and stop it now? Help me.

The 1919 flu epidemic killed many but where did it come from? Magic? Spontaneous generation? Only if you believe in witch craft. I propose environmental stress. Part of the VTT work. What is a mutagen? Mustard gas is a mutagen. Tons of mustard gas was released in WW1. And other nasty things happened to the environment never fully examined nor appreciated until now. Mutagens from the war caused the outbreak of the killer flu. Proposition not proof. Good science proposes a problem then sets out to experiment. I'm black listed and need your help to carry on, but note, I started this section saying that my work wasn't out dated but relevant to saving your life. Well, what do you think? Relevant.


Look at other flu out breaks in the forties and fifties. The Green Revolution and pesticide misuse: tons of mutagens and environmental stress. Neat relationship. Should be examined. But note more carefully, in light of mad cow, bird flu, GMO crops and animals, we (OURSELVES) are attacking our own food supplies. This is crazy. It is dangerous. See Mass Extinction section in the Green Zone and read about pollution and new diseases.

But TAGGED FOR DEATH? Before going on, please realize that I am condensing long complicated subjects in order to keep your interests. In this short form it is only an outline, not a complete picture. VTT keeps coming back to cancer and AIDS, both viruses compromise the immune system. Bird flu and the 1919 flu do the opposite, they over activate the immune system so the young and healthy die. Quite an environmental culling/control device for an over populated species wouldn't you say. Bird flu can't go deep in the human respiratory tract so some believe it will not have that wide of an effect. Others believe it will mutate to become dangerous. I am not sure it will, but I am looking farther down the road after it intermingles with the African population that has interacted with AIDS. In the Green Section I talk about a new species of man with a changed gene, and babies are born to mothers who had AIDS. In the Red Section you see a gene discussed, a gene that was SHARED by the Black Death (a bacteria) and AIDS (a virus). In each case, approximately, one third of the population was immune and survived the plagues. So you see approximately 70% are susceptible to this genetic marker. Diseases are not parasites etc. etc. they are regulators and controllers and fabricators of evolution. Although individuals die, populations change in response to disease commands. Hence, the bird flu under environmental stress factors is going to interact with this gene marker and approximately one third of the world's population will be immune. Knowing this we can prepare Please note I wrote, CEO McKinnel of Pfizer, and Merck and others, saying there is a new approach to vaccine development, please help me help your families. They didn't help me. Recently I emailed the Canadian P.M.Stephen Harper, and asked him if he was a bad father and was he going to protect his children and explained how Ontario's vaccine had badly failed I the past (see the accompanying section for email). May be some one listened, though they never called back, because over the weekend His Health minister (former Ontario Health Minister at the time of the vaccine trouble) gave a news conference saying antiviral drugs would be available to everyone who needs them. He also said we have some of the best researchers in Canada working on vaccines. These people I would like to test.

Please note I wrote Hoechst Celanese (owner of Connaught Labs which produces many vaccines in Canada ) in the early nineties and explained the VTT work. They said in WRITING that they don't do basic research in Canada . You can check the old research proposals on the website. What gives? I had previously dealt with P.M. Paul Martin, but now lets ask P.M. Steven Harper if he loves his kids and will do everything in his power to protect them. My claim has been against BAD scientists, and I asked Martin to put my claims to the test against my detractors, and two of the leading infectious disease researchers are Drs. Low and Plummer. They are only good if they are capable of telling the truth. And sometimes telling the truth must expose wrongdoing. To stand up for academic standards and scientific integrity. If these two guys can't tell the truth when there is no panic how can you trust them to save you during a crisis? Ask Drs. Low and Plummer to answer, publicly, the question; is research described in derogatory terms excellent, yes, or no? Is lying for money fraud?

Again, these are fair and relevant questions because if it comes down to a bad batch of vaccines (see Canadian history and the shipping of thalidomide and contaminated blood) will they do the right thing? This is a test. After all don't we have 911 emergency drills? Disaster tests? This is a real disaster test, and I think it is very fair. What do you think, after all the lives you save may be your loved ones?



I would like to share two examples that illustrate exactly what I have been up against for years and why my claims that the researchers are not exactly as wonderful or good as some would have you believe. I wrote the Windsor Cancer Center explaining my research concepts and the support I had and if I could work there if I brought MY OWN RESEARCH FUNDING. Let me repeat that, I would bring my own money to help defeat cancer. My own funding to make cancer history. I also wrote the Federal cabinet minister who also came from Windsor . Do you know what they replied? They were sorry but they had already set their budget and had no room for me and wished me the best. They turned down money for cancer research. How many times has the Cancer Society contacted you asking for money saying they will make cancer history only if you help? How many little kids have turned their piggy banks over to the Cancer Society in a big TV promotion?

I am a cancer survivor, but I can't treat any one because it would be bad science to do so with out the proper testing etc. I am now watching a favorite niece (2006) have a relapse with her cancer. She had conventional treatment a few years ago (chemo and radiation), but now I fear she may die. I have been black listed by some very black-hearted people. What do you think?

The importance about the Windsor Cancer Center is the university of Windsor , and a virus researcher whom I wrote in the early nineties explaining VTT. This was important because she was going to dig up some graves of the 1919 flu epidemic preserved by perma frost. I asked her to take genetic samples because of the genetic component of the VTT work. Did she reply? No. She was too busy fighting it out with her co-workers who were trying to claim all the credit for the research. You would think she would have been sympathetic to my plight and shown concern for the new theory. Obviously, she did not. Her concerns seem to be elsewhere.

My point? My research regarding the flu pandemic has a long history. My theories stand the test of time. My detractors do not look good exposed to the light of day. In fact, they look like a rather bad bunch, don't you agree? I need help. I believe I can do a lot of good for cancer and AIDS research, plus the flu concerns. There is so much more to my research, but none of it can get done with out help. I desperately need help. The black listing has driven me to the edge of personal bankruptcy. What can you do? As an ordinary person you have a mortgage, children to raise and other serious concerns, but you can email people and ask them to read my website. You can help expose the corruption. And there are people out there who have money to clone their pussy cat, or give the Russian s millions of dollars to fly in space: you could ask them to read my website and perhaps give me the funding I asked of Merck/Pfizer so I could do the ground work on the research and prepare all the pathways I need to understand. Please understand, I reviewed all the reference material before starting any work at U of Waterloo, and from that I found all the flaws, who were lying and who was telling the truth. And in six months I was able to prove the entire biology department was working under false assumptions and present them with the correct answers. Unfortunately, they weren't interested in academic truths, but only in prestige and money. This time, dear public, the answers, the truthful answers are more important, they represent your lives. Do you care? If you do you will help.

Thank you.

Edward A.Greenhalgh

15 May 2006


The new P.M. Stephen Harper was asked if he was a bad father regarding the flu pandemic. Much earlier, former P.M. Paul Martin was asked if he was a bad grandpa. Are they doing enough and are the people in the Ministry of Health honest enough to tell the people the truth. Read the material and see what you think.

flu pandemic and do you love your children, and ACCOUNTABILITY email correction pm harper corection

Dear P.M.Harper,

The subject title is serious because the issues are serious such as if the flu pandemic does occur how can you really truthfully be sure the vaccine will be safe?A vaccine could harm not only your own children but all Canadian children as well. Do you Care? Ask your health Minister Mr.Clement about the time he was Ontario's Health Minister and they produced the bad vaccine harming hundreds if not thousands of people. How do you ensure the safety of the vaccine over confidentiality agreements guaranteeing money to crony friends of pharmaceutical companies and bad researchers and bad institutions?You ensure that good people are helped and the Federal mandates are vigorously enforced and the DETERRENT property of the law is used.You are honest and help good people.     Do you love your children? I told the former CEO of Pfizer, Mr. McKinnell that I may love his children more than he does. If you don't help me then I may love your children more than you do P.M.Harper.See my website, www.cancerfraudbadbiotech.com and scroll to the Red Zone for the Pfizer material. Please note that during the election campaign I sent you a courier package (only Mr. Layton of the NDP replied) stating the point was to test your commitment to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Do you support the Constitution and the Law? We'll find out. The flu pandemic danger is not from the bird flu itself, but from and interaction with AIDS in Africa, causing a mutation that will literally TAG  people for death: it is an evolutionary mechanism, but do you want your kids TAGGED OR ANY  Canadian children if it could be avoided? Your call .I need help? Will you help? See my website, and please note I am in the process of revision and you reply or failure will be noted on the site. Do you love your kids? Only you can honestly answer that. Thank you . Edward A. Greenhalgh ph. (519)-579-8320 , and contact info is on the website but you have to scroll down to it.in the Red Zone area NB: recent because computer changed email from pm@pm.gc.ca to PM Paul Martin, I do hopethat you will be a better leader than he was and this is not an omen of the same old cronyism. Computers are tricky and out of respect for your hard fought victory I have corrected the flaw and sent a third email . Apologies. EAG

This section highlights the old argument,” I didn't know.” The most infamous users of this phrase were the WWII Germans who claim no knowledge of the death camps (see the material on Mr.Oberlander who was a Nazi SS Death Squad member now living in Canada and who is being protected by Liberal MP Andrew Telegedi). Most simply, people had their rights stripped away and were reduced to nothing :out of sight and out of mind and no consequences. Science and business were hand in hand in Nazi Germany and great technological progress was made by stripping away rights and liberties. And great harm resulted. Who knew? More importantly, who cares?

The whole point of courier delivered letters is to ensure their delivery so that no one can claim that they never received the material. To this end the material sent to Mr. Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, was acknowledged by his staff whom I received a notice of receipt on Feb.07/2006. You will see that former P.M.Paul Martin had several years of knowing and made no response. Indeed, I had a telephone conversation with a member of his staff who apologized explaining that they had been instructed not to respond to any of my material. I wonder who gave those instructions; perhaps it was the same person who considered that Parents would waste a government grant for their children's day care on popcorn and beer? What the public must be aware is that leaders (whether Canadian (Tainted Blood Scandal) or American (FEMA/Hurricane Katrina) or European (UK agricultural scientific policy spreading Mad Cow disease harming the beef industry)) must make informed wise decisions. They must be CONSCIOUSLY aware and use the resources TRUTHFULLY available to them to protect your lives. For anyone to use the excuse”I didn't know” is not only unacceptable, it could be criminal: you could die.

Scientific principle demands that a theory be put forward and tested. The University of Waterloo is NOT a scientific center because they had a very simple and easy test to measure and settle the dispute. They chose not, proving that they weren't GOOD scientists. The University of Waterloo also had the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as measurement of fairness and justice, but they chose not to use it because they (the Board of Governors) are bad people and bad citizens! The Charter GUARANTEES any Canadian of ability and merit the right to education and employment. The University of Waterloo, and its ELITIST President Douglas Wright decided they were above the law and the Canadian constitution. And any country that will strip away the rights of its citizens is prepared to allow other bad things to happen. Please read the material presented to the various politicians and be aware of its time frame as it may well surprise you.

Edward A. Greenhalgh 8 Feb. 06

I originally finished this section in February, it is now May 2006 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper won the election. I emailed his office 03 May 2006 and followed up with a telephone call a few days later to confirm its receipt. P.M. Harper has PROMISED the public a government of ACCOUNTABILITY with protection for whistleblowers. He has also set aside one billion dollars for the flu pandemic. In my email I asked him if he was a bad father and if he loved his kids. Read the enclosed /following email and decide what you think his response should be. If he makes a response I will post it. What would you do if you were Prime Minister? President Bush, whom I have previously emailed? In light of my research theory, VTT, dating back to the early 90s and noting flu pandemics then, it comments on the GENETIC Basis for the concept that people (like you) may be TAGGED for DEATH (see main text of revision for details) and how all of my research has been vindicated while the University of Waterloo has been discredited. Wouldn't you want to help the research save your kids if you were PM? President? Email them (PM Harper and Pres. Bush) for a response. Email your friends and ask them for their opinions. Read the following material in order of presentation, but be aware of who knew what when, and who did nothing. Thank you. Edward A. Greenhalgh 8 May 2006

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